Marikina RELiEF stands for Marikina RivEr LEvel Forecasting.

Forecasted changes in water level for the next 48 hours at different locations along Marikina River, Luzon, Philippines are presented below. This type of forecast tells us how much the water level will increase or decrease from its current state (e.g., will the water level increase by 1 meter in the next hours?). More details about the forecasts here.


>>> ALSO AVAILABLE: I aM AWaRe (Inundation Monitoring And Water Level Forecasting in Rivers) is available. This app combines water level forecasts with latest flood inundation extents.

To view the forecast relative to each actual location, refer to the Map page.

Alternatively, click here to view the forecast graphs in Google Map. To view them in Google Earth, download the KML file.

Forecasts are updated every 10 minutes.To ensure you are viewing the latest forecast, manually refresh this page. Details on how the forecasts are generated can be viewed in the About page. The forecast locations can be viewed in the Map page.

NOTE: The forecasts are still in experimental stage. Please use with caution. Also, erratic data coming from the water level sensors may cause the forecasted water level to be severely overestimated. This happens occasionally in the STO. NINO forecast.



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The EFCOS-MMDA Water level stations: Montalban, Sto. Nino and Rosario JS are not giving updated data. Starting today, the Sto. Nino water level forecast graph will utilize data recorded by the Sto. Nino-ASTI station. You can view the WL forecast graph for Sto Nino here


Water level forecast graphs indicating how water level increases or decreases relative to a datum have been re-activated.

Updating/uploading of forecast graphs is now powered by Dropbox. Previously, all graphs are stored in a server at AGST Laboratory but due to problems with the server, the use of cloud-based storage like Dropbox is found to be reliable. Also, it allows updating of forecasts by using computers where the forecasts models are installed. The previous version made use of the computer in the AGST Laboratory as the one who runs the model and uploads the forecasts. But sometimes problems occurred due to network problems. This problem has been solved by using any available computer that has internet connection.


Due to the unavailability of water level data from the sensors along Marikina River, the automation scripts does not work as they are intended to be in generating water level forecast graphs. The forecast graphs generated do not show the time series of water level forecast for the next 48 hours. However, the model is still simulating the water level forecasts. It is just that the graphing scripts cannot correctly generate the water level forecast graphs due to absence of actual water level data which is needed in graphing the results. Because of this, additional scripts have been prepared that will instead show the forecasted change in water level in the next 48 hours. The water level forecast graphs will be re-activated once actual water level data becomes available.


A new app, I aM AWaRe (Inundation Monitoring And Water Level Forecasting in Rivers) is available. This app combines water level forecasts with latest flood inundation extents.

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